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What is intercultural training?

Intercultural training gives you the knowledge and the skills necessary for successful co-operation in a cross-cultural setting.

Importance of intercultural training

In todays complex global market, people who have local knowledge, a global outlook and an intuitive sense of corporate culture will have the best leadership potential.


Intercultural team solutions

Interact offers personalised solutions to the cultural challenges of your team. Avoid miscommunication and enhance mutual understanding in the workplace. Develop an inclusive company culture, where every individual feels heard and appreciated.

Living & working in Kenya

Interact offers 1 or 2-day training sessions for expatriates arriving in Kenya. We provide you with the critical cultural information necessary to succeed both professionally and personally in your new country.


InterAct has done numerous workshops in the past, these are also available upon request: Introduction to Deep Democracy decision making. Raising Third culture kids: For parents and teachers. Repatriation. Diversity in the classroom: For educators.

Our Office

InterAct is based in Kenya and our services are available across East Africa. These training solutions are available upon request and will be designed to the needs of your organization.

Meet the trainers

Jody de Blois-Eijsenga is a skilled intercultural trainer, based in Nairobi, Kenya and an expert in the field of culture, international teamwork, diversity, and inclusion.
Jody holds a degree in cultural anthropology (MSc), social work (BSc), and education. Additionally, she is a certified Deep Democracy facilitator.
Caroline Anyienda Matsalia holds a degree in counseling psychology and social work. She brings extensive experience in working with community-based organizations and (international) NGO’s. Anyienda is our local expert on various Kenyan cultures and a passionate facilitator.