Intercultural team solutions

Interact offers personalized solutions to the cultural challenges of your team. Avoid miscommunication and enhance mutual understanding in the workplace. Develop an inclusive company culture, where every individual feel heard and appreciated. Objectives:


  • To provide insight into cultural differences and establishing strategies to overcome them.
  • Creates awareness of one’s own personal communication and management style and develop tools to adapt your communications for enhancing effectiveness and productivity.
  • Creating an open work atmosphere where cultural diversity is appreciated celebrated and used as a resource for creativity.
Understanding the role of culture in your workplace can help you to get the best out of your team. Using so-called cultural dimensions this training will give you an awareness of the challenges that your multicultural team faces. It gives you the opportunity to enhance cultural sensitivity and competency and provides you with practical tools to reduce cross-cultural misunderstanding.

“The fool speaks, the wise man listens.” ~ Ethiopian proverb